OVAR FORMA – Ensino e Formação, Lda is partner of the “First Aid Worldwide” Project, which will be implemented from 2020 to 2022. The partnership includes partners from Portugal, Serbia, Turkey, The Republic of North Macedonia and Spain.

Project objective:

  • Enrich first-aid subject teachers to enhance their professional development and competences and, in that way, give new knowledge and skills to their students, so that they can apply this knowledge everywhere in the world, improving the quality of first- aid providing.

Final results:

  • Come up with the most adequate, most easy, and cheapest way to provide first aid;
  • Improve the quality of providing first aid for the general population, through creating an online manual, as well as training for using the manual;
  • Increase of the competences of the participants, about the practical application of all the innovations that exist in the online manual;
  • Accreditation of the seminar, with the innovations in providing first aid.


Selection criteria for the category of researcher in first aid:

The project envisages the recruitment of one EPROFcor staff member for the category of researcher in first aid and the applicable selection criteria are therefore disclosed:

a) Minimum of 2 years of experience teaching Vocational Education and Training courses and a permanent position as school teacher (1 point);
b) Taught, within the last two years, subjects related to first aid or a module on this subject (1 point);
c) Knowledge of English is required (A2: 0.5 points; B1: 1 point; B2: 1.5 points; C1: 2 points);
d) Has technical and professional certification (e.g. Basic Life Support) (1 point);
e) Participated in the implementation of projects, workshops and others initiatives related to First Aid (1 point);
f) Has experience with international projects and actively participates in the activities (1 point);
g) Participates in seminars on Erasmus+ projects (1 point);
h) Candidates should write a motivation letter (max. 1 page) mentioning the reasons for wanting to participate in this project (1 point).

Acronym First Aid Worldwide
Title First Aid Worldwide
Programme ERASMUS+
Key Action KA202 – Strategic Partnerships for
vocational education and training
Status Ongoing
Start date 01-12-2020
End date 30-11-2022
Partners Medicinska skola sa domom ucenika
“Sestre Ninkovic”, Serbia (applicant
Nahit Mentese Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu
Lisesi, Turkey;
Sredno opshtinsko uchilishte Gjorche
Petrov, The Republic of North Macedonia;
IES Javier García Téllez, Spain;
LDA, Portugal.
Website http://projectfaw.medicinskakg.edu.rs/en/about-us/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/firstaidworldwide_erasmus/